About Lil Sanctuary

Established in 2015, Lil Sanctuary is the sole distributor of Meinkind baby and infant car seats in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The brand Meinkind is coined from the word “Mein Kind” in German, which means “My Child”.

Meinkind baby and infant car seats are designed using German technology and have undergone vigorous safety testing to ensure that the car seats exceed Europoean safety standards (ECE R44/04 standards (EU)).

Lil Sanctuary is helmed by three Malaysian partners that profoundly believe in ensuring utmost safety and also comfort of our precious little ones while travelling.

We liaise closely with our manufacturers to continuously provide feedback from parents and customers. We are also up-to-date on the latest product offerings in the market so that we can continuously improve our products as we strive to provide value for money baby and infant car seats at reasonable prices.

Safety and quality does not always have to come with a hefty price tag.

We are strong advocates of baby and infant car seats being mandatory in Malaysia and are hopeful that the Malaysian government will follow through with its proposal to amend the Road Transport Act 1987 to regulate the use of child restraint systems (CRS) in vehicles, which is said to be enforced in 2017 (Source : The Sun Daily, 8 June 2015).

My Child, My World.

You will and always be my child even when I am grey and old. My child, your safety is my priority and my responsibility.

We at Lil Sanctuary strongly resonate with this and rest assured, with Meinkind car seats, safety and comfort is at the very core of our products.

Our Products

Meinkind offers the following car seats:

  • Infant car seats and carriers for use rear facing with children.
  • Convertible child seats for use rear facing and for use forward


Meinkind is sold through independent and mass retailers.

We are keen on expanding our outreach and if you are interested in our products, do contact us at enquiries@lilsanctuary.com.